Demo Submission

Circuit Records demo submission

Circuit Records Demo Submission

Use the form below for Demo Submission for Circuit Records.

We’re currently offering 9-month, single deals, for music artists from the Yorkshire region.

The contract has been designed to be ethical, stacked in the favour of the artist. We are part of a not-for-profit company, so whilst we have to pay the bills, we’re all about the music.

If you’re a music artist from Yorkshire, and are interested in a single deal, please feel free to submit.

We don’t support a specific genre of music at Circuit Records… We love most styles of music. However, we’re probably NOT well suited for metal, classical, straight-up indie guitar bands, or country. Saying that, if your music has just a twist of any of these, we’ll still give it a listen. Just listen to some of our previous releases to get an idea.