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The Penny Lovers

The Penny Lovers The Penny Lovers

The Penny Lovers are a coming together of two of Doncaster's stalwarts of the local music scene, The Carousels and Hopper Ward. Spanning 3 decades (thanks for that, Mick) of writing, performing and recording, The Penny Lovers, by now, probably know how to knock out a good tune.

Drawing influences from all genre's of music, their sound can probably be best described as indie folk with a smattering of country and dance. You can make your own mind up!
One thing for sure is that The Penny Lovers have hit the highs and lows throughout their musical life. A band full of contradictions, they've gone from winning Demo of the year in the NME and Channel 4's single of the week to having the dubious credit of BBC's Homes under the Hammer 'borrow' one of their tracks without asking, for one of their programmes. There's a flip side to that coin however, having played a gig at the Horncastle Pig Farmers Union in front of one bored looking spectator and being on the same distribution label as the Wurzels (Cheers Cheggers).
These days though, things have settled down somewhat. Having signed up with Circuit records The Penny Lovers are focusing on promoting, playing and enjoying their latest recordings through the label.

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Empty Pockets Full Hearts EP

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